• Cylk Handmade Hand Creams

    cylk December 12, 2013

    Cylk's brand new range of handmade hand creams are made from infused oils that have astounding healing properties for tired, dry and overworked hands. Made from natural oils and 100% organic ingredients, do your part for the environment, whilst looking after yourself.

    Our hand creams have been naturally pot set in our special cosmetic jars for you to put back into the earth, or to reuse. The entire package is biodegradable, including the adhesives and coats. Made from recycled papers, with absolutely no harmful toxins or nasty chemicals, you can feel good while looking good.

    Ingredients: Beeswax, Cocao Butter, Cacao Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Glycerine, Calendula Oil, Myrrh Oil, Geranium Oil, Mandarin oil, Lavender Oil and Lemon Oil.

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  • New York City Tea Co. at Cylk

    cylk December 12, 2013

    Tea enthusiasts Adam Gubic, Josh Lilly and Adrian Davis founded the New York Tea Company in 2013. By taking their love for tea into a business venture as they commit to producing tea that is healthy, high quality and organic, perfect for any occasion.

    When you buy tea from New York Tea Co you’re experiencing the flavours of New York, the tea becomes an experience, not just a flavour. Adam, Adrian and Josh bring their adventures from New York to the comfort of your home.

    New York Tea Co also produces a range of cleansing and health teas, including; the ‘New York Cleanse’ and ‘New York Diet’ that has been carefully designed with nutritionists to provide the best health and weight loss results. The New York Tea Co. has an extensive eating plan and FAQ’s on their website with a list of health benefits.

    Their teas and commitment is perfect for us to sell in store. Using organic products and packaging in a cute canvas bag, they match perfectly and is a great idea as a Christmas present. We are stocking these teas throughout December and are perfect for any tea lover (or convert someone)!

    Take a look or shop online:

    DancingRuby_1024x1024  Marigold_1024x1024ManhattanTea01_1_1024x1024 RoseBlack05_1024x1024 SohoTea03_1_1024x1024 WallStreetTea01_1_1024x1024

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